CHILDHOOD is the debut album from AJIMAL, featuring a cast of more than 50 musicians and themed around the concept of childhood. The album explores ideas of youth, potential and play through a mix of contemporary, classical, and field recordings.


Recorded with friend and collaborator Mick Ross in various studios, churches, theatres and hospitals in the North East, the resulting album is a carefully constructed work of remarkable beauty. It is a bold debut that combines soaring orchestral grandeur with the quiet intimacies of creaking floorboards, foot scrapes and the breath of performers.


“I wanted to look at what it means to be a child,” says 27 year-old O’Hanlon of CHILDHOOD. “And from that, what it means to be an adult. Each generation has to contend with the pressures of their era, which shape their experiences of this transition. The songs on CHILDHOOD are an attempt to look at this idea in stages and to tell a story.”

Out Now on Mono