AJIMAL is a shape-shifting collaborative project founded in 2011 by Fran O’Hanlon with the aim of bringing together creatives in different disciplines to explore music, film, photography, story-telling, design, visual and conceptual art and anything else we encounter along the way.

The name, AJIMAL, comes from Haiti, where O’Hanlon was a medical student on sabbatical at the time of the earthquake which hit Port-au-Prince in January 2010. Whilst working at a field hospital in the aftermath of the quake, he encountered a former voodoo priest who had practised under the name of AJIMAL. “Before I knew anything about this man and the things he had been part of, I loved the sound of the word. I found it again when I was starting this project, and it fit together.”

There were over 50 musicians involved in the recording of debut album, CHILDHOOD. The project has also seen us collaborate with artist and photographer, Ernesto Artillo to create the beautiful accompanying artwork; Thanet-based community group Active Lives Active Minds and film makers, Crisp Film on a short film looking at themes of ageing, participation and isolation; dancers, make up artists, projectionists… We hope to continue in this way.

“Setting a new benchmark for sensitive pop.”

The Line of Best Fit